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David R.
2018-12-06, 14:24
I wanted to thank you for helping me start my EMT career. While I did not apply in time for orientation at PrideStar EMS, I did interviewed with other companies and got several job offers. Again, Thank you for the excellent course, the near endless list of acronyms, and the long Saturdays of skill prep.


David R.
Ryan K.
2018-12-06, 14:23
In case the email address didn’t immediately give it away, this is Ryan K. from your most recent spring EMT course in Lowell. I hope all is well and the compressed summer version of the course isn’t killing you right now. First, I wanted to thank you again for a great course experience; it’s obvious how much work you put in. Based on everything we covered in class I felt really prepared for the NREMT and passed it on the first go-round, no problem. So thank you!



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